Letterpress Printed Book by R.I. Sutton : In progress

Harebrained Press Project : Link

Kain has been involved with the Harebrained Press for three years. He is the lead artist in a limited edition collection of short stories by author R.I. Sutton. Included will be a series of eight hand engraved prints by the artist to compliment the tales by the author

Game: In progress

Kain is the lead artist at Littlebyte game studio. The current project is Lost Assassin.           A sci-fi platforming adventure with an astronaut as the main character! Follow the progress here: Website

Music Video: Anchor & the Butterfly

Anchor & the Butterfly : Link

Commissioned Stop-Motion animation music video of "A Lone Star"

Music Video: Snog

Stop-motion music video for Snog: Clockwork Man

Book: In Progress

Illustrated collection of cryptids which will eventually be published as a book.  Blog
So far the collection includes: 

  • Bigfoot
  • Chupacabra
  • Spring Heeled Jack
  • Dog Man